Raw materials and transportation

Raw materials Production Laydown Calculation Restart
Cold feed
Nature Content (%) Distance
Fine aggregate 1 s/a km
Fine aggregate 2 s/a km
Coarse aggregate 1 s/a km
Coarse aggregate 2 s/a km
Losses in stockpiling and transportation s/a

Hot combination
Nature Content (%) Distance
Commercial filler s/a km
Additive 1 s/m km
Additive 2 s/bitumen km
RAP s/m km
RAP bitumen content s/m
Bitumen content in bituminous binder s/m
Total bitumen content of asphalt mixture s/m
Added bitumen in the asphalt mixture s/m km
Rejection of aggregates or aggregate mineral powder s/m

Raw material transportation
Engine standard Net load Comsuption (100Km)
Type of truck t l
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